Print only what you want

Print only what you want

New Delhi: Love that Wikipedia entry on the Second World War? Or the Surrealist movement? But what to do when the articles are so long? You could either read them in agonizing pieces or just take a printout. Which could run for dozens of unnecessary pages thank to that long list of references and links at the end.

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What if you could print only those portions of a webpage that you really want? With an online service called PrintFriendly yo ucan do just that. PrintFriendly available on the website or as a convenient java bookmarklet, lets you cut, chop and prune a webpage till you are left with only the text you want to print. With a single checkbox you can throw away all those images as well.

(And if you don’t have a printer, no matter, PrintFriendly lets you export the trimmed webpage as a PDF for future access.)

Check the PlayStream video above to see a live demo of this cool and rather useful service. And never waste printer paper again. Even if it is the company’s after all.