Design thinking is an area which calls for a lot of research, said G.V. Sreekumar, head of Industrial Design Centre (IDC), School of Design at IIT Bombay. He defines it as “creative strategies that designers utilize during the process of designing".

At EmTech India 2017, Sreekumar said, “Designing is a conscious and intuitive effort to impose order with a clear goal. Design thinking is also an approach that can be used to consider issues and find solutions for professional commitments, business and social issues."

Emphasizing the importance of creativity and aesthetic brilliance in design thinking—which set a designer apart from an engineer—he said, “An industry designer will have to be an expert about the manufacturing processes involved, the raw materials required, the context of the product being manufactured, along with creativity and aesthetic brilliance."

According to him, design thinking is a method of meeting people’s needs and desires in a technologically feasible and strategically viable way. “The study of the product has to be done in detail, i.e., the context of the product launch and the kind of solution that the company is looking at—articulation of all the desired qualities or parameters of the final product is a very important step in the designing process. The form of the product emerges from the articulation and the knowledge of the product," he said, explaining the methodology and steps involved in designing a product.

Sreekumar is of the view that the relatively new concept of design thinking is a form of solution-based thinking, with the intent of producing something constructive.