Online gaming to save the Black Buck

Online gaming to save the Black Buck

New Delhi:, one of India’s online game websites has announced the release of ’Bollywood Buckwaas’ – a first person shooting game that allows wannabe amateur hunters to take their shot at a shooting game inside a jungle but to avoid shooting the soon becoming extinct Black Bucks at any cost.

The company has conceptualized this game inspired by the renewed attention that the endangered species of Black Buck has received in the media. Through what could be a popular gaming device, it wants to create greater awareness of the perils of shooting down a species that could be extinct in times to come.

Game it right

The player is presented with a shotgun to shoot at the usual animals in the jungle, but the challenge is on avoiding shooting the beautiful black bucks.

The Bollywood connection has been built in to create novelty and appeal. It has the ‘hook’ factor. Besides it is also a reminder of how the rich and powerful can fall prey to fiddling with nature and its legitimate inhabitants. One of the sequences in the game has a jail shot, which clearly signifies what would be the end of someone who breaks the law, shoots the black buck and goes behind bars.

Says Alok Kejriwal, founder and CEO of games2win “We like to present real life situations in our casual games that reflect what is happening around us. Bollywood Buckwaas helps us highlight the case of the endangered Black Buck while showcasing how anyone, no matter what their stature, can get imprisoned for violating this law."

The company which has its own portal where it hosts local and international flash games is in the process of deploying some popular MMOG (Massive Multiplayer Online) games that are likely to be well received by the Indian marketplace.