Britons are ‘biggest gadget spenders in Europe’

Britons are ‘biggest gadget spenders in Europe’


London: Internet-savvy Britons are the gadget geeks in Europe. This inference can be drawn from a global report containing a slew of figures that charts the country’s voracious apetite for electronic equipment.

Yes, according to the report from the European Information Technology Observatory, Britons spend more on electronic equipment than shoppers in any other country in Europe, ‘The Daily Telegraph´ reported on 30 October.

Consumers in Britain are expected to spend more than 11 billion pounds (Rs89,320 crore) this year on electronic gadgets, making them bigger spenders than those in Germany (9.3 billion pounds), France (7.2 billion pounds) and Italy (4.3 billion pounds).

“People are no longer ashamed to tell people they want the latest gadget on the market. Nowadays, owning the latest flat-screen television or digital camera is something to be proud of.

“Gadgets and fashion are also intrinsically linked. Apple’s iPod started that trend with people wanting to be seen wearing the white earphones, because it gave the impression they were cutting edge," Simon Osborne-Walker of ‘Stuff´ gadget magazine was quoted as saying.

The most sought-after items in Britain are digital music players such as Apple’s iPod, the report states. Games consoles such as the Nintendo Wii, PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360 are also among the most popular gadgets in the market.

It also claims that Britons will buy 11 million MP3 players this year, at a cost of almost one billion pounds, dwarfing the seven million expected to be sold in Germany and the 6.3 million likely to be bought in France.

The research follows a report which showed that Britons will each spend more than 500 pounds over the internet this Christmas -- more than French and German shoppers combined.