Families that play Nintendo, stay together

Families that play Nintendo, stay together

New Delhi: If you thought gaming was the sole preserve of young teens, you couldn’t be further from the truth. If recent sales figures and usage patterns are any indicators, it seems that gaming is emerging as a significant ’bonding’ family activity. Nintendo8c72964a-a7cc-11dc-809b-000b5dabf636.flv

Families get cozier the Nintendo way

Nintendo is fast changing how people play games, and to a large extent, just how many people play games. Wii is bringing grandparents, parents, extended families, friends and children together, getting them to discover and rediscover, the thrill of video games. Intensely absorbed for hours at end, keeping scorecards and setting benchmarks, they are experiencing a different kind of instant adrenalin rush.

As the world’s most popular video game system, the Nintendo DS has sold more than 50 million units worldwide while introducing new experiences like training brains and vision, interacting with puppies, and even cooking. It retains the system of portable creativity as it builds on the expanded audience of women and older gamers