The playcast: A new Orkut, Android netbooks and beautiful tweeple

The playcast: A new Orkut, Android netbooks and beautiful tweeple

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This weeks show of the playcast comes in three segments. In the first part of the show we speak to Google about the social networking sites redesign.

Orkut has become India’s OTHER social network, the one that’s not been in the news for a while now. It’s India’s most populous social networking site, home to 13 million accounts and double the number of communities and groups.

The new redesign makes the now-aging site sport a more Facebook-like look.

In moving to the GWT platform, the same that powers the futuristic google Wave, Orkut now supports much more dynamic content - video chats for instance. We spoke to Rahul Kulkarni from Google for more info.

In segment two, we move from one Google product to another: Android has been the center of much fanfare the last few months, but the HTC Hero and Samsung Galaxy aside - Android devices themselves have arrived in India in only a slow trickle. laptop maker Acer are latest to join that limited-invite party - but not with a Phone, but a Laptop. The Aspire One dual boots Windows XP (a name we wont be hearing much longer) and a modified variant of Android. We squawk in befuddlement and Ask Why. Acer’s CMO S. Rajendran answers. We also speak about the netbook market in India, and why netbooks aren;’t really netbooks in this part of the world.

And in segment three, Sidin Vadukut talks to you about Beautiful Tweeple. This is best listened to, so we refuse to explain any further