VSNL to improve connectivity in Asia

VSNL to improve connectivity in Asia

Mumbai: Tata group company Videsh Sanchar Nigam (VSNL) Wednesday said it will improve its intra-region signalling connectivity in Asia with the integration of two additional Signalling Transfer Points (STPs).

The two new STPs would be integrated by the company in Mumbai and New Delhi to its global SS7/C7 network, VSNL said in a communique to the Bombay Stock Exchange.

STP is a signal packet switch or router that receives and routes incoming signalling messages on to their destinations. The SS7/C7 network, one of the largest data network in the world, connects together local telcos, cellular, and long-distance networks worldwide.

“VSNL’s Asian STPs will support our customers in the Asian market by maintaining a truly ‘physical´ local presence on a global scale," VSNL Vice-President (Core Mobility Services) Stephane E Brisebois said.

The new STPs would enable Asian mobile operators to locally connect and utilise the VSNL Signalling Connect Control Part (SCCP) service to transport roaming and SMS traffic throughout the globe.

The company currently has six signalling transfer points spanning three continents and provides a comprehensive suite of mobile services and unsurpassed coverage to over 630 mobile operators in over 225 countries.

With intelligent routing and enhanced value added services such as steering of roaming, managed messaging and enterprise mobility solutions, VSNL serves more than 30 per cent of the world’s GSM subscribers.