IT giants express interest in Himalayan Kingdom

IT giants express interest in Himalayan Kingdom

Thimphu: If things go according to plan, Bhutan could well become an important IT hub with giants like Infosys, Gen Pac and Microsoft evincing keen interest to set up BPOs and data centres in the Himalayan country.

Around 30 leading IT firms from India held strategy meetings here recently to explore investment possibilities in Bhutan.

The IT leaders said that Bhutan can play host to an array of possibilities like data centres operation, disaster recovery centre, BPOs and software development centre.

“We are looking at Bhutan as a good destination for investment," said Infosys Board chairman N.R. Narayana Murthy.

He said this was a exploration trip and “that is how you start building a relationship, once you start appreciating the country and good things in the country, possibilities start coming before your eyes."

On the chances of a small country like Bhutan being an IT destination, Murthy said they are good as Infosys itself had started with seven people but was now worth nearly $5 billion.

“Apart from formulating our long term IT strategy what we do is visit new countries which could potentially be partners to India. I think we can work together with Bhutanese companies or even help Bhutan to set up ICT industries," Nasscom chairman Ganesh Natarajan said.

A NIIT centre was launched at the campus of the Royal University of Bhutan to train 1,000 IT students over the next two years. Murthy also offered 100 seats at the Infosys Institute in Bangalore for “intensive training" of Bhutanese students for six months.