Ma Foi ties up with Calsoft to strengthen IT arm

Ma Foi ties up with Calsoft to strengthen IT arm

New Delhi: Saffing and HR services provider, Ma Foi Management Consultants Ltd. has announced a strategic alliance between MinVesta (the IT arm of Ma Foi) and California Software Co. Ltd. (Calsoft).

Through this alliance, Calsoft will deliver Microsoft Dynamics product suite based solutions to MinVesta and its customers. This alliance through mutual referrals is expected to bring in additional revenues and market share for both organizations.

K Pandia Rajan, MD, Ma Foi Management Consultants Ltd, said “MinVesta and Calsoft will utilize each other’s capabilities to provide end-to-end solutions to their clients, hence increasing market share/revenue for both organizations ".

The Vedior Group has its presence through 257 companies in 50 countries worldwide and this tie-up will help leverage Ma Foi’s knowledge and expertise in IT & HR practices and Microsoft Dynamics capabilities of Calsoft.

MinVesta products like Minerva-HR Suite and Minerva-Flexi suite consisting of discrete products for automating HR and staffing functions, which are currently being deployed in large enterprises across UK, Australia, and India, will give clients of Calsoft specialized HR software products to effectively handle their human capital management requirements.

This relationship will also create an interface for Vedior operating companies to utilize expertise of Calsoft in the Microsoft Dynamics products and services.