Slide and glide through the news

Slide and glide through the news

The New York Times has unveiled a brand new interface that, in a sense, makes reading the news even simpler. Called the Times Skimmer, the interface lets you skim through dozens of headlines across several sections using just your keyboard. It is fast, easy and a treat on the eyes.

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In a sense the Skimmer undoes all the flashy content shenanigans that news websites had got obsessed with over the last few years. I am talking about videos, slideshows, audio and all the other multimedia elements that were supposed to make news browsing a richer experience. But sometimes just made it more complicated. The Skimmer shorns all such adornments for a simple, yet pleasing interface. Skimmer uses a grid of headlines of blurbs, arranged in one of a handful of themes you can choose from, and then lets you Skim through them using just your arrow buttons. Hold the ’A’ key down to select a story. Hit enter to read it. And so on and so forth.

It is an interesting rethink of the news website interface. 

For a full demo of the Times Skimmer interface, see the latest episode of PlayStream.