Aggregate data with a new Google experiment

Aggregate data with a new Google experiment

New Delhi: Think of it as a cross between the vast WolframAlpha database ( and Wikipedia. Google Squared lets you pull together information on lists of items — African countries, Indian states, German chancellors--and then display the information in the form of a table. it does this by scouring the internet for information and then neatly pulling together everything into an easily edited table. You can easily add rows and columns to pull in information if the default fields are not adequate.

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The tool is by no means robust enough for academic or journalistic work, but it is a good place to start if you are making lists and basic databases. You can also start from a blank table and keep adding rows and columns as you go along. Google Squared has plenty of bugs and it doesn’t always pull in the most up-to-date or even correct information. But on the whole it is a tool well worth keeping an eye on. For a quick demo on how Google Squared works see the latest episode in our PlayStream video tutorial series.

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