Nokia seeks India patent for multimedia sharing technology

Nokia seeks India patent for multimedia sharing technology


New Delhi: World’s largest mobile phone maker Nokia has filed a patent application in India for its networking solution which allows a user group to share multimedia contents during a group communication.

Nokia, which is planning to launch its latest touchscreen mobile phone in India in coming days, has approached Controller General of Patents, Designs and Trade Marks for the patent.

Approving authorities have published the claims made by the company in their latest Patent Office Journal, giving a public notice.

In its patent application filed on 21 August this year, the company has said, “An object of the present invention is to provide a solution to how to implement sharing of multimedia contents from a media server to participants."

During a group communication all participants may take turns to speak and listen to each other and it include data calls, audio calls, video calls, multimedia calls, messaging and emails.

According to Nokia, any kind of data can be shared in real-time or near real-time by using this multimedia sharing technique.

Importantly, the content sharing method skips user terminal (phone network) and data reaches directly to the communication server (internet protocol medium) from media server (a device that stores and shares contents), the company said.