More options for CDMA users, courtesy Samsung

More options for CDMA users, courtesy Samsung


New Delhi: After extensive market research CDMA customers will now have access to aspirational handsets which are not easily available in the market. Samsung will be filling up this gap with its portfolio of products.

The first handset to be launched this month-end, the Samsung Max, will come with the tag-line ‘Max Multimedia, Max Confidence´. These CDMA handsets sport a sleek styling and come with product-specific and software differentiation.

“We have combined Indian and global features. We will offer a ‘panchang´, a facility to type Hindi words in English (Hinglish) and even set an ‘aarti´ for that day’s specific deity," said a company spokesperson.

“Besides, the highly-competitive pricing vis-a-vis our competitors will be an added advantage," he said.

The company will be strongly focusing on the upgrade market. The CDMA segment in the country gathered momentum only from end-2005 and subscribers who had purchased CDMA handsets then, would like to go in for upgrades now.

Samsung, which enjoys a 19% market share globally in handsets, plans to grow its retail chain, ‘Samsung Mobile´, in the country from the present 50 outlets to over 150 by end-2008. These outlets will, however, stock both CDMA and GSM handsets.

Betting big on the CDMA market in India, Samsung expects a 50% growth per annum over the next three years. Presently, the CDMA subscriber base is 40-million but by end 2008, it is expected to grow to around 45-million.