Easy online storage on demand

Easy online storage on demand

New Delhi: A colleague in Dubai wants to share a huge presentation complete with videos and pictures. But alas there are a minefield of issues. Your corporate email has pathetic file upload limits. And security policy rules out using personal emails or insecure file sharing. What to do?

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Just drop it. No, I don’t mean drop the idea, I mean use Drop.io’s excellent sharing and storage service.

Using Drop.io you can create a temporary online storage space, called a “drop", complete with password controls. With upto 100 mb storage per drop, you can share anything you want in moments, or as soon as your bandwidth will let you. But Drop.io is more than just that. You can email in data into a drop, and even use the drop to record voice mails and create conference calls.

And much more. See this week’s PlayStream video for a quick brief on the superb Drop.io service.

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