Precision to launch bomb disposal robot at IFSEC

Precision to launch bomb disposal robot at IFSEC

New Delhi: Precision Operations Systems, a supplier of security equipment to the armed forces is launching a state-of-the-art advanced EOD robot at IFSEC India 2008, an exhibition that brings together leading players from the security industry.

Advance EOD Robot Caliber is used by bomb squads to detect and dispose off bombs. The robot consists of two arms, one of which is a claw (to lift objects and other tools) and the other arm houses twin disruptors, which are used to dispose off bombs.

The robot can be fitted with a semi-automatic weapon and has two audio and video communication systems, playing a pivotal role during emergency situations like kidnappings and hostage crisis.

Armed with a camera for day and night time operations, it has in-built features that make it possible for an operator to easily see the surroundings during the operation. The robot has a removable track system that helps the robot climb up the stairs. This helps it to function in harsh environmental conditions such as sand, mud and snow. It can be controlled from a wireless command and control unit from a distance of 1km.

IFSEC India 2008 will be held from 16-18 October 2008 at Pragati Maidan in New Delhi