The playcast: Of (Google) doodles, car racing and weird voice acting

The playcast: Of (Google) doodles, car racing and weird voice acting

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Welcome to another edition of the Playcast. This week, we have two interviews, a literal blast from our video game past and yet another edition of Beautiful Tweeple.

To start off with, we have an interview with Dennis Hwang, who does all those clever little google doodles on the Google home page. Krish caught up with Hwang while he was in Delhi to announce the winners of the India leg of “Doodle for Google", an international competition for schoolchildren to design an iteration of the Google logo. They talk about the origin, process and sometimes-problematic nature of the Google doodles.

Our next segment is a little excerpt from a collection of the 50 worst video game voice overs courtsey the website

We then move on quickly… from game voice acting to game designing. Krish chats with Rajesh Rao of Dhruva Interactive – a game studio that has worked on racing games like Need for Speed, Project Gotham Racing and Pure. Rajesh tells us more about the differences in various kinds of racing games, and developments in the racing game genre.

And of course we end with Sidin taking the floor for yet another edition of Beautiful Tweeple…