Spain: The Spanish wind energy firm Gamesa Corp Tecnologica SA is returning to the solar market with a 10- megawatt plant in Tamil Nadu, southeastern India.

Spain’s biggest wind turbine maker sold its previous solar business, Gamesa Solar, to First Reserve Corp. in 2008 for 261 million euros ($288 million) shortly before the Spanish government pulled back on subsidies for solar energy.

Gamesa is now tacking on the sun-powered business to compliment its wind operations by investing in solar energy in India. The company said on Thursday in a statement it hopes to combine technologies it uses in its wind business, meaning it will produce the inverters that turn power from solar panels into electricity to be transmitted on the grid but not the panels themselves.

“Gamesa is keen to accompany its customers as they develop solar-power projects in India," said Ramesh Kymal, Gamesa’s chief executive in India. The company declined to put a value on the plant when contacted by e-mail. Bloomberg