Photo: Pradeep Gaur/Mint
Photo: Pradeep Gaur/Mint

Robotics process automation is one area we will move in rapidly: Arvind Thakur

NIIT Technologies' CEO Arvind Thakur talks about the firm's key areas of focus and investments

Mumbai: Arvind Thakur, chief executive officer of global IT service provider NIIT Technologies talks about the company’s key areas of focus and investments including its effort to bring about a cultural shift at the organisational level to keep pace with the demand for digital innovations. Thakur spoke to Mint on the sidelines of IT Industry body Nasscom’s three-day annual leadership that ended on Friday.

Edited excerpts:

Digital innovations are happening at a rapid pace. Could you talk a bit how NIIT Technologies is dealing with it to keep pace with the increasing demand for disruptive ideas and technologies from various organisations?

What we have done is to change our culture internally. In the last 18-24 months, in our whole organisation we have been investing in education and how we can change the culture of our people, basically from the old paradigm from where we were doing what we were told to do. We are now identifying opportunities which will add value because in the digital world people are looking for support rather than being led what to do. In the old world people would say, this is what I want you to bring for me and we will make the product. In the new world you partner with us and tell us what we will do so. That mindset shift is what we are investing a lot today.

Could you highlight few initiatives the company has lined up as far skilling talents is concerned?

As far as education is concerned, what NIIT Ltd (education arm of NIIT Group) has come out with is a programme called StackRoute. It basically takes technical people and completely reskills them to be able to deal with the digital world. So we are trying to skill them with new technologies, new way of thinking, new designs because in digital world creative skills are more important than just engineering skills. So that element is also built into it.

Are you looking at any new partnerships to further enhance your digital businesses?

In digital world, you have to partner. We are building a lot of partners with a lot of platform providers like for example we do a lot of digital integration work. One of the platform that we have partnered is a company called Pegasystem to integrate front end digital platforms with the legacy. This is a huge exercise which every organisation is going through at this point in time. We just announced the partnerships for our robotic process automation with a company called UiPath so that we can deliver intelligent business processes.

What are the key areas that the company is focusing on in order to push growth in the coming financial year?

What we have done in the last couple of years is to expand the business in digital services. So currently we are engaged for four areas. One is the whole area of digital experience, second is analytics, third is cloud, fourth is what I talked about digital integration. So now this is 15% of our revenue. Going forward, robotics process automation is one area we are going to move in very rapidly apart from Internet of Things. These are two areas we are going to address by financial year 2017. Our revenue from these platforms was almost negligible three years ago. It has now increased dramatically.