Alternative channel for sharing content

Alternative channel for sharing content

MoMo Mumbai

Peninsula Corporate Bank

17 September

Despite being in the middle of Ganesh festival, the September leg of MoMo (Mobile Monday) Mumbai saw an eager group in attendance.

Participants were greeted by a surprise set-up consisting of multiple cameras to showcase some of the new technologies around the discussion topic—mobile content infrastructure and platform.

Ruchit Surati from MobiCore Technologies introduced the topic and the need for an alternative channel or “pipe" for distribution of content created by developers.

Pranav Sayta from G2I Technologies gave a brief example of the success his company had in creating such a distribution network.

There was a consensus among the panellists and audience on the need to develop such networks to allow content developers and customers to deliver and access information freely.

Issues regarding the “walled gardens" of mobile operators was again raised given the GPRS delivery for Sayta’s content. An interesting takeaway for entrepreneurs and managers: Focus on creating different products that customers want and don’t worry about things that are not in your control.

The session ended with a demo of G2I’s Lock Eye product, which is a mobile remote surveillance system that allows you to monitor your home/office/factory via your Nokia phone and GPRS connection for as little as Rs7,000 one-time charge.

Veer Bothra manages the content and communities group of Mumbai-based Netcore Solutions. He is also a co-organizer of MoMo Mumbai. This article is an extract from event post on