On this weeks edition of the Playcast it’s all about the numbers. We discuss Wordpress 3.0, the E3 gaming convention, and Apple’s new operating system iOS4. And in an attempt to move away from the single digits to the really BIG numbers, we look at the top 10 most expensive domain names ever.

Wordpress 3.0, code named Thelonious Monk, (purportedly the inspiration for the upgrade) allows users to do a host of new and exciting things with existing Wordpress domains, the most significant of which is the ability to create multiple blogs under the same domain name. This feature was previously only available under an iteration of the platform called Wordpress Mu, (which also powers Livemint blogs).

Next we talk about the “epic" E3 gaming convention, the highlight of which was possibly the unveiling of the Nintendo 3DS. The 3DS is the successor to the phenomenally popular DS and has received rave reactions from observers and journalists present at the event. It is expected to be released early next year. Both Microsoft and Sony unveiled their admittedly late motion-controlled answers to the Wii - Microsoft’s ambitious controller-free “Kinect" (formerly known as Project Natal) and Sony’s ho-hum Playstation Move.

Finally we give you a top 10 list of the worlds most expensive domain names. We won’t tell you what the most expensive one is, but we will tell you it cost $16 million.

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