Disposable chatrooms in seconds

Disposable chatrooms in seconds

New Delhi: Ever felt like pulling together an impromptu multi-user chat session with several friends and family? Tried actually making it happen? Now with a simple Tinychat.com window you can host a multi-user chat session complete with video, audio and recording facility with a simple few clicks.

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/Content/Videos/2009-06-25/TinyChat.flv07b64d46-60b4-11de-8060-000b5dabf636.flvTinychat, essentially, lets you create disposable chat rooms that are created on the fly. Just go to the Tinychat website, choose a chatroom label and click a button. Your chatroom is ready. All you need to do to invite friends is tweet out the url of the room or email the link to them. And yes you can do some of this sharing from right within the Tinychat window. (So if you want to talk about, say, radish, you can easily summon up a chatroom at Tinychat.com/radishmaniacs. Or some such.)

And beyond pure text Tinychat also automatically recognizes webcams and microphones and lets you use those inputs in the chatroom too. As an added bonus you can also share an image of your desktop itself using the application. And when you’re done you can save the transcript with a click.

For a price Tinychat also has a premium service that lets you block upto five TInychat urls, enable password access and HD quality video chatting. Play the video for a short review and demo of the application and for access details.