New Delhi: The GST Network (GSTN), the technology backbone for the goods and services tax, launched an offline tool for GSTR-2 filing on Wednesday.

The offline tool would allow taxpayers to export data of GSTR-2 to excel sheets. This will be helpful in comparing this data with purchase register to take actions like accept, reject and modify, GSTN said in a statement. “We keep introducing new features and tools for the convenience of the taxpayers. This new version of the offline tool for GSTR-2 is better than the previous one as it allows taxpayers to compare data with the purchase data," GSTN chief executive officer (CEO) Prakash Kumar said.

So far, nearly 21 lakh businesses have filed GSTR-2 for July. The last date for filing is 30 November. Nearly 47 lakh businesses had filed GSTR-1 or sales returns, which has to be correspondingly matched with GSTR-2 or purchase returns. Besides, the portal has also activated form GST CMP-02 which allows taxpayers to opt for composition scheme.

The GST council last month hiked the threshold for businesses to opt for composition scheme to Rs1 crore, from Rs75 lakh earlier. The window for opting for composition scheme will remain open till 31 March. Also GSTN has activated the form for intimation of details of stock on the date of opting for composition levy form GST CMP-03 is now available on the portal.

However, this applies only for persons registered under the existing law migrating on the appointed day. Form GST ITC-04 is also available on the GST portal. This will enable taxpayers to file quarterly statement that has to be furnished by taxpayers having details of goods or capital goods sent to job worker and received back.

Besides, taxpayers who are registered under the existing laws and has been migrated can cancel his registration if not liable for registration under GST. In case a taxpayer has a grievance pertaining to discrepancy relating to payment, he can use Form GST PMT-07 which is available on the common portal.