Nokia Lumia 900 mobile phone. Photo: AFP (AFP)
Nokia Lumia 900 mobile phone. Photo: AFP

Mobile handset sales post ‘smart’ growth; Nokia leads market

Nokia leads the market with 21.8% share, followed by Samsung at 13.7% and Micromax at 6.6%, according to study

Mumbai: Mobile handset sales in India grew 20.8% to 221.6 million units in 2012, driven by a strong growth in the smartphone category, according to a study. The handset sales in the Asia’s third largest economy stood at 183.4 million in 2011, said the study by CyberMedia Research (CMR).

While smartphones comprised a small chunk of the overall handset market at about 7%, the high-end category grew at a robust 35.7% to 15.2 million devices in 2012 from 11.2 million units in 2011, it said.

Feature phones sales grew 19.9% to 206.4 million in 2012 from 172.2 million in the previous year, the report said.

“Although we see a huge market ‘hype’ around smartphones, the fact remains that the India mobile handset market is still dominated by shipments of feature phones. On the other hand, smartphone shipments are growing fast," CMR lead analyst (telecom practice) Faisal Kawoosa said.

This indicates India is still a ‘new phone’ market, where feature phones contribute to the bulk of shipments compared to replacements or upgrades, he added.

Finnish mobile phone maker Nokia led the overall market with 21.8% share, followed by Korean giant Samsung (13.7%). Indian handset maker Micromax was placed third at 6.6% market share.

The ranking remained same in the feature phone category, with Nokia garnering 22.5% market share, Samsung 11.5% and Micromax 6.5%. However, in the smartphone category, Samsung was the leader with 43.1% share, followed by Nokia (13.3%) and Sony (8.2%) in 2012.

While BlackBerry was at third spot during January-June 2012 period, Sony Mobiles displaced the former when the overall sales for 2012 were taken into account, CMR said.