Rae Bareli Rail Coach Factory to be eco-friendly

Rae Bareli Rail Coach Factory to be eco-friendly

New Delhi: The upcoming Rail Coach Factory in Rae Bareli will present the eco-friendly side of Indian Railways sporting smokeless chimneys and neutralising effluents from the plant.

As many as 14 types of coaches, including ‘AC double decker day cars’ would roll out from the factory.

“The factory will represent the environment-friendly side of Indian Railways, adhering to highest standard of pollution safety norms," sources in the Railway Ministry told PTI.

There will be no emission of smoke or spillage of oils, while vapour exhaust arrangements would ensure efficient removal of pain vapour simultaneously, they said.

The plant will use lightweight stainless steel in producing the coaches with improved comfort level.

The eco-friendly approach of Indian Railways will also ensure that there is little contamination of the discharge from the factory.

“The effluent and sewerage from the workshop will be neutralised before being discharged," they said.

Besides, fume extraction system will be used in areas where acids will be used in acid handling areas used for welding and cutting machine.

The coaching complex will be spread over an area of 543 hectors and set up at an investment of 1685 crore.

Railways push for eco-friendly initiatives in its manufacturing units was demonstrated recently when it decided to tap wind energy to power the Integral Coach Factory in Perumbur, Chennai.

It also put its green toilet programme on fast track.

Sources said, the factory, after commission, is expected to produce 840 coaches per year, thereby substantially meeting the demand of Indian Railways which requires 1,150 coaches annually.

While the rolling stock will comprising of AC and non-AC coaches, there would be three type of coaches which will have a compartment for passengers with disabilities.

Sources said, the Rai Bareli factory will generate about 7000-8000 jobs during construction and operations.