Computers used in govt offices, aviation safer in India: study

Computers used in govt offices, aviation safer in India: study


New Delhi: Computers used in government offices and sectors like aviation and healthcare in India are less prone to internet viruses than those in China, world’s second largest broadband user after the US, a study has found.

China has emerged as the second largest nation in terms of number of computers with multiple infections in government and critical infrastructure sectors, a study by US-based internet security software maker Symantec Corp said.

The high number of attacks originating in China is likely due to the rapid broadband internet growth, it said. India has been ranked at sixth position in country-wise list for computers with multiple infections mentioned in the study - Government Internet Security Threat Report. The list has been topped by the US.

Aerospace, telecom, healthcare, financial services and agriculture were included among critical infrastructure sectors for the study. Telecom accounted for 90% of all malicious activity originating from critical infrastructure sectors and hacking was responsible for 73% of identities exposed.

China was also named in top three countries in five other metrics -- malicious activity by country, top countries targeted by DoS attacks, Bot-infected computers by country, top countries of attack origin, computers with multiple infections by country. Regarding India, the report pointed out that the presence of Rontokbro worm was seen more in India despite the infected e-mail being in Indonesian.

Substantial trade activities take place between the two countries and it is likely that many enterprise users in Indonesia communicate with counterparts in India by email.