Car accident alerts being developed by GM

Car accident alerts being developed by GM


New Delhi: Scared of your car being stolen or afraid to park it in a dimly lit alleyway, afraid the music system may be lifted or the car itself damaged?

Such fears may soon be a thing of the past thanks to a new software that helps alert the owner of any crisis situation that an endangered vehicle may be subjected to, even if the owner is nowhere in sight.

A sophisticated backoffice service, it can be availed of even during other crises with regard to the car. “The person driving the car has to simply call up the backoffice of the company, inform them of the specific problem and attend to it immediately with the help of the advanced software", he said.

In the US, currently in case of an accident, the backoffice is immediately alerted through an automatic system which then calls the driver to understand the gravity of the situation. Help is immediately deployed to the site of the accident.

Such accident alerts could be extremely beneficial for India too where the driver in a serious situation could get help immediately, he said. The bursting of the airbags could send out the alert signals to the office.

“Currently General Motors is working on components like engine control, steering, safety controls in the process of introducing more electronification of the vehicles", he said.

Once the sophisticated software is in place, it would mean that a car breakdown would have to be struck off from the list of ‘most common excuses’ doled out for showing up late.