Virtual influence

Virtual influence

Research shows Web portals, including company and consumer review websites, have come to significantly influence purchasing decisions. While friends and family continue to be the most popular sources for research on durable goods, the Internet helps make an informed choice with indepth information available from multiple sources.

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The consumer durables industry expanded 30% in the January-March quarter and continues to grow. Its spend share in the overall ad pie is the second largest at R2,122 crore. The Internet, however, received only a fraction of this ad spend: R54 crore. This is way too little, given the potential of the medium to influence consumer choice. A report by digital marketing agency webchutney, based on a survey of people who intend to buy various consumer products, indicates the extent to which the Internet is now being used for product research vis-à-vis traditional sources.

Graphic by Uttam Sharma/Mint