A bookmarklet that lets you focus

A bookmarklet that lets you focus

New Delhi: With most newspapers and magazine still charging nothing for online content, the web is a splendid place to read, bookmark and re-read a wealth of stories. But not all sites are uniformly amenable for prolonged reading. While some are pleasantly coloured and finely fonted, others can be riot of flash ads, videos and other distraction.

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Which is why when you want to read with focus you need the ‘Readability’ bookmarklet. It is a tiny little shortcut button that works on all browsers. You can drag and drop it into your browser toolbar. And the next time you need to read nothing but the text, just click the button. And voila, everything but the text is gone, and the text is now formatted into a simple, clear chunk of pleasant text.

And you can email and print this clean text as well. Great for concentrated research, or even to build a collection of clean stories for printing or later reading. See this week’s edition of Playstream for a full demo.