DoT may charge more for extra spectrum in metros

DoT may charge more for extra spectrum in metros


New Delhi: Department of Telecom is likely to impose higher one-time fee for operators seeking above 6.2-MHz spectrum in metros and Category A circles.

Senior DoT officials said any licencee seeking additional spectrum beyond 6.2 MHz in existing 2G bands will have to pay extra per mega hertz charge in Delhi, Mumbai and Category A circles than those in Chennai, Kolkata, and B and C category circles.

While the charge is being worked upon at present, sources said it would be not less than Rs150 crore per mega hertz in Delhi, Mumbai and A circles.

DoT is facing flak from the finance ministry, which has accused that it is giving spectrum at throwaway price to new operators. Whatever the fee, the proposal of fee for spectrum beyond 6.2 MHz may again put the government on the edge of controversy.

The one-time fee will be accompanied by 1% annual usage charge, sources said. Finance Ministry has already communicated to DoT to charge Rs375 crore per MHz as additional fee.

But sources said DoT may not charge that high, as operators, who would qualify to get over 6.2 MHz of spectrum, may find applying for a fresh all-India licence cheaper at Rs1,651 crore than to apply for extra spectrum.