Google extends freebies for Rajasthan to boost online sales

Google extends freebies for Rajasthan to boost online sales

Jaipur: In an effort to popularise online retail shopping in India, Google India has decided to extend free support and advertisement offer for entrepreneurs in Rajasthan on its portal, Google Search.

“We will offer free expert support to help entrepreneurs build an online advertising campaign to grow their business through ‘Jump Start´," Google India head of online Ssles Sridhar Seshadri said.

Rajasthan, a popular tourist destination, is a hub of textile and jewellery exporters and hosts 4 lakh small-scale industries.

Google’s offer will allow the Small and Medium Scale Industries to directly work with Google specialists, who will help them to set up their ‘Google AdWords accounts’ and build a customised ad-campaign to suit their business.

“By extending free support and advertisement offer on Google search in the state, we want to encourage these business to grow and gain from the benefits of internet advertising.

Google search allows them to target customers across the world and ensures that they only pay when their advertisement is clicked on," Seshadri said.

All business with an online presence (website) will be allowed to register their business with Google India AdWords platform and Rs2,500 worth of free advertising coupons by dialling a toll-free number.