International cooperation required in atomic field: govt

International cooperation required in atomic field: govt

New Delhi: Apparently justifying the Indo-US nuclear deal, the government told Lok Sabha Wednesday that country’s atomic programme can develop “much faster" if international cooperation in the field is allowed.

Minister of State in the PMO Prithviraj Chavan said India needed to have international cooperation to acquire uranium technology and fuel which is insufficient in the country.

Noting that all countries in the world had uranium-based nuclear programmes, he said in reply to questions that India is deficient in the fuel and whatever reserves existed would be exhausted after some time.

“If the government is allowed to go for international cooperation, there will be enough uranium available that will speed up our nuclear programme much faster," Chavan said.

He allayed the impression that the government was not exploiting thorium, which is available in sufficient quantity, to develop the nuclear programme.

“India’s thorium utilisation technology is more advanced than anywhere in the world," the Minister said, pointing out the country did not need international cooperation to develop this.

“We will not delay by even one day have some kind of energy independence," he said.