More than just a messenger

More than just a messenger, yes that is a website, is the answer to most of your online instant messaging troubles. The client works in many places where IM clients are normally blocked and is not too clunky eventhough it is entirely a browser based application. What’s more the application allows you to connect not just to a Gmail or a Yahoo Messenger but also to AIM, ICQ and that new darling Facebook chat. (Yes, without logging into Facebook.)

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Even if did nothing else just this unified messaging ability is enough to recommend it. But there is more, the client also adds multi-platform file sharing and video/audio chat that works irrespective of clients. Which means that even if your favourite IM service doesn’t let you share files, will still allow you to do that.

But there is more. has now unveiled a whiteboard service that let’s you share an interactive, real-time online whiteboard with your chat friends. Great for sharing thoughts of both the business and pleasure varieties.

For more on the platform see the latest edition of the PlayStream video series.