India needs to check carbon emissions

India needs to check carbon emissions

New Delhi: India will become the third largest carbon-dioxide emitter by 2015 after China and the US if it does not step up efforts to curb emissions, the International Energy Agency (IEA) said Wednesday.

Presently, India is the sixth largest green house gas emitter in the world.

In its latest edition of World Energy Outlook (WEO) 2007 which was launched at a function here, the IEA said rapid economic development will undoubtedly continue to drive up energy demand in China and India.

Economic development will contribute to improvement in the quality of life of more than two billion people but will also push up per capita emission, William C. Ramsay, deputy executive director of IEA, who released the outlook, said here.

The WEO, an annual flagship of IEA, which has given details of the energy developments in the two emerging giants and their implications for the world calls for new policies to pave way for alternative energy future.

Ramsay said the energy demand in the two neighbouring countries is bound to increase pushing the “per capita emissions significantly in both China and India, but (it will) still remain below those of OECD nations in 2030", Ramsay said.

“The study demonstrates more clearly that even if the government does not change its policies, oil and gas imports, coal use and greenhouse gas emissions are set to grow inexorably through to 2030, even faster than what we had predicted in the last year’s edition," he said.