Indian duo’s ‘Kosmix’ to take on Google

Indian duo’s ‘Kosmix’ to take on Google

London: Two Indian engineers, who missed chances twice to buy Google nearly 10 years ago, have now raked in funds for their own site to rival the search engine giant.

The Indian duo have received funds worth $20 million from media and entertainment conglomerate Time Warner for their search site ‘Kosmix’.

“Anand Rajarman and Venky Harinarayan, the Indian internet entrepreneurs, have received $20 million of funding from Time Warner for their site," The Telegraph reported.

Way back in 1998, Google founder Sergey Brin offered fellow Stanford University PhD students Anand Rajarman and Venky Harinarayan the chance to buy the now search engine giant for about one billion dollars (675,000 pounds).

“They said no," the report published online said.

The very next year, the Indian pair with Amazon backing offered £300 million (about $443 million). But Brin and Google co-founder Larry Page had refused to accept less than $1 billion dollar, the publication noted.

Now Kosmix has also got the backing of Motorola Chairman and Chief Executive Ed Zander and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos.

“Google works if you know exactly what you’re looking. But if you have only got a vague idea, it can be quite hard to find the answer," Rajarman was quoted as saying.

“Kosmix allows you to browse a whole topic and suggests areas that it thinks you might be interested in," he added.