Mobile phones for farmers at Rs500: Oscar Fernandes

Mobile phones for farmers at Rs500: Oscar Fernandes

New Delhi: Oscar Fernandes, labour minister has announced that the state as well as privately owned communication companies would make available mobile phones for farmers for Rs500 with the adoption of digital technologies which would have the potential to hugely cut mobile telephone costs.

Addressing a conference organized by Assocham, he disclosed that the government was doing its best to connect village farmers with mobile phones so that with internet accessibility, farmers could dictate a fair price of its produce to end consumers.

The Minister said that the UPA government was giving top priority to promote digital science to cut costs of not only mobile telephone instruments for the common man but also make them accessible to cheaper entertainment.

According to him it was important to ensure that along with growing internet facilities, farmers should be able to avail of the latest trends for sowing seeds, harvesting crops, deciding on how to pour fertilizers and in what quantities, since this would result in India’s farm production being substantially hiked and export figures rising significantly.

The Ministry of Communication, Information & Broadcasting and other relevant government departments were jointly and collectively working together to make mobile accessibility available to every farmer so that the telecom revolution becomes inclusive for all.