1 million computers in China hit by virus during National Day

1 million computers in China hit by virus during National Day


Beijing: About one million personal computers in China were affected by viruses during the weeklong National Day holiday from 1 October, the state media quoted a domestic anti-virus company as saying.

Over 118,000 computers crashed on 6 October alone, an anti-virus expert with Jiangmin Co., He Gongdao, was quoted as saying by ‘China Daily’. Viruses have been extremely active during the long vacation because more people chose to stay at home and surf the Internet, shopping online or playing online games, he said.

“More than 24,000 types of viruses were detected during the week," he said. He said computer users should be more aware of viruses that could be passed on through movable disks.

Another anti-virus company, Kingsoft, alerted the online community to a new virus it dubbed the “ultimate killer to anti-virus software". The virus, a kind of Trojan, is capable of hijacking all kinds of anti-virus software when it successfully attacks a computer.

“It will also automatically search the keywords, including ‘anti-virus, Kingsoft and Kaspersky´, and coercively close the programmes, Li Tiejun, an anti-virus software engineer of Kingsoft, said.

“The virus has been supported and spread by a group of people who have developed a systematic and standardised business operation to make profit," Li said. Virus controllers could detect the IP addresses of each computer, he added.

The new virus, which affected about 40,000 computers a day, will remain a critical threat to many computer users even after the holiday, Li said.