Tweet like a champ

Tweet like a champ

New Delhi: is a one stop shop for a multitude of Twitter clients, pieces of software that allow you to post, read and interact with Twitter updates without actually using the website. But the most easily accessible one is Seesmic’s web application. You can log into the application from any browser and then do everything you would do on and much more. You can follow trending topics, search for terms, see profiles of users, follor or unfollow them and even reduce unwiely long URLs into short ones.

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And you can do all this without ever leaving the comfort of that one browser window. Seesmic uses a serious of easily manipulated columns to help you simultaneously browse multiple streams. And, if you find that too confusing, you can switch to a more conventional email inbox view to see all your updates.

For a quick demo of Seesmic’s web app see this week’s episode of the Playstream series.