Cloud burst

Cloud burst

It’s every editors worst nightmare. On 15 October, two of our microsites and our blogs site, hosted on a cloud server crashed. No recovery was possible.

Much of the material on the microsites is recoverable — although this process will involve some cumbersome republishing (this effort is already on). The blog posts, though, are lost forever (well, almost, and we’ll come to this in a bit).

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So, while we have got the platform up and running again, and in a way which ensures multiple redundancy, we don’t have the content we once did (at least not yet). Over the next few weeks our bloggers will post frenetically to populate the site. And some of our tech people will scour other sites looking for our blog posts (attributed and unattributed) that have landed up on them. I am hopeful but not very.

I apologize to our readers for this.

I’d like to think that just like space junk, our blogs are out there, in ether, inhabiting some parallel universe.