New product in search and display advertising space

New product in search and display advertising space

Mumbai: Leading display ad network Komli has launched Search RePlay, an innovative solution that leverages benefits of search and display advertising to create more value for advertisers.

An advertiser-friendly solution, it retargets users with advertisers’ ads on Komli’s display network once the user has already clicked on the advertiser’s search ad.

Advertising on search has long been a major online advertising medium for conversion focused advertisers, but at the same time many advertisers still see up to 95% of their visitors walk away without converting.

This new tool will allow advertisers to replay their message in front of consumers on the company’s display network. It raises the bar higher by generating conversions for advertiser at a higher ROI and by marrying search with display advertising, which have hitherto been seen as distinct entities.

Akshay Garg, Komli’s Business Head, explained, “Until now, when a user clicked on a search ad, he did not get converted and neither advertisers nor search firms are doing anything to follow up with the user.

Follow up is crucial. A click is an expression of interest but does not guarantee conversion. This will help leverage the display network’s wide reach and by retargeting technology, increase probability of conversion of users who have clicked-through but not converted.

These users are often the ones who are most interested in the advertiser’s offering – it is just that they no longer need to convert.

Partnerships with Indian search marketing firms to execute this offering and pass on cost savings to advertisers.