DustVen sees big market for FGD systems in India

DustVen sees big market for FGD systems in India


Bangalore: With Air Pollution Control (APC) norms being tightened in India, thermal plants would be compelled to install Flue Gas Desulphurization (FGD) plants, said a top official of an environment engineering firm.

In developed countries like North America or in Western Europe, “it is mandatory for thermal plants to have FGD plants, a vital APC equipment to control acid rains, whereas in India, we are yet to come across a thermal plant which has installed FGDs", said Bail Bharat, Managing Director DustVen Pvt Ltd.

However, with APC norms becoming very stringent, the picture is going to change, he told reporters on the sidelines of pre-launch function of DustVen’s new manufacturing facility near here.

Rapid economic growth has led to increased pollution which needs to be checked. Quoting a report of Central Pollution Control Board (PCB) in 2006, Bharat said 3715 metric tonnes of sulphur dioxide is emitted per day from the 83 coal-based power plants, which is 89% of total emission of sulphur dioxide from industries in India.

Over 25,000 hectares of land has been occupied for conventional disposal of ash and of the 83 coal-based thermal plants, 35 do not comply with emission standards, he said.