Facebook co-founder to launch cause-based social networking site

Facebook co-founder to launch cause-based social networking site

New Delhi: At 26, Chris Hughes’s list of claims to fame is a lot weightier than the usual quarter-lifer. For one thing, the Harvard graduate co-founded Facebook. For another he’s earned a reputation for being the big guns behind My.BarackObama.com, the online organizing site for Obama’s 2008 presidential candidacy.

Now Hughes has his sights set on a new project: what he describes as “an online platform to connect individuals and organizations working to change the world." His aim is to create a social network that will provide people “with information and opportunities for meaningful action tailored specifically to who they are."

Named Jumo, which means together in concert" in Yoruba, a West African language, the site is expected to fully launch in September or October. Hughes is currently collecting email addresses along with information about the personal preferences of users – ranging from which car they like best to where they are most likely to be on a Sunday. How this will translate into customized opportunities to do good remains to be seen.

For now, Hughes’s new venture has already received a large amount of interest. Jumo’s Facebook page, which was launched last week, already has well over 6000 fans — a base that’s steadily building. Jumo is establishing an office in Soho, New York this week and is currently hiring.