MBillionth Award: the winners of 2010

MBillionth Award: the winners of 2010

1. Many to One SMS

The Many to One SMS application involves participation of the Secretaries of Gram Panchayats, who send an SMS in a prescribed format to a designated telephone number. The time spent on collecting data is minimized and the output is maximized.

2. GPS/GSM Based Train Tracking System

GPS/GSM based Train Tracking System is developed by gTrack solutions to provide information for train operations to the Railways in order to improve there efficiency. It includes an alerting mechanism, which can be evolved into a Public Information System.

3. Paperless Admission System of Shahjalal University of Science & Technology (SUST)

Shahjalal University of Science & Technology has introduced an SMS based automated registration system for Admission Tests where candidates send in their HSC information from any Tele talk prepaid mobile phone and get a confirmation message instantly after the information is processed and verified by the Education Board .

4. M – Distribution

The M-Distribution application is the brainchild of Shri Laxmikant Deshmukh : District Collector of Kolhapur to ensure proper distribution of food grains to all ration card holders, especially those below the poverty line. The software is cost effective and can be used in GPRS enabled mobile phones.


5. Dialog Tradenet

Dialog Tradenet is a trade information platform integrating technologies like Web, Wireless Access Protocol, Unstructured Supplementary Service Data, SMS and Voice to help traders reach their target market through mobile phones

6. Dakia

One97’s Dakia is a rural empowerment multi-lingual mobile service where information relating to major issues like impending power cuts, weather reports, crop diseases and treatments, new market prices and general welfare can be disseminated.

7. Voice of Youth

Is a free SMS service that combines mobile technology with the web and national radio networks and provide a platform for the youth of Nepal to voice their opinions on contemporary issues.

8. Panini Keypad

Panini Keypad a patented multi – lingual keypad, enables a user to type in all the regional languages of India on the keypad of his mobile phone. Based on the premise of statistical predictive texting it doesn’t require a separate dictionary application.

9. Nepal Wireless

The Nepal wireless network aims to bridge the digital divide and provide the benefits of ICT to people living in remote areas in Nepal. It comprises of a number of applications including E-commerce through the internet, VOIP using SIP protocols, virtual-ATM service, video conferencing and hotel booking system through mobile phones.


10. Reuters Market Light

Reuters Market Light is a service that provides local and customized information to Indian farmers via mobile phones. Information provided includes: Spot Crop Prices, crop advisory for selected crops, commodity news and any other information relevant to the farming community.

11. Gaon Ki Awaaz

Gaon Ki Awaaz, a voice enabled local news service for the people of Rampur – Mathura village of Uttar Pradesh. The voice calls are in Avadhi and the rationale behind the creation of this application is to make information easily available to people living in villages and also to create a channel for them to communicate their woes to the government.

12. See‘n’Report

See ‘n’ Report is a citizen journalism service that enables people in Pakistan to report photos and videos directly from their cell phones as and when they witness a breaking news story.

13. CGnet Swara -----

CGnet Swara is a community radio station based in Chhattisgarh, accessible via mobile phone. It aims to provide a platform for the rural folk to upload and share important community related information. Swara has given a voice to the poor and marginalized tribes, who are plagued both by Maoist insurgents and the security forces stationed by the government.


14. English Seekho

English Seekho aims at teaching situational, spoken English through a simple interactive voice call. The user learns through lessons recorded in an easy-to-listen radio style and can also speak sentences in English that are analyzed by an advanced speech recognition system.

15. Drona

Drona, a mobile learning solution empowers organizations and trainers to create their mobile learning courses and applications. The users can add content similar to multi-media, making the lessons more interactive and also collates scores and results, and generates reports to help analyze the performances.

16. Ability

The product is a unique communication tool which converts text to sign language to voice and vice versa. Also the application can also be used as a teaching tool for their relatives and others interested in learning the sign language.


17. 3G Play

3G Play, enables subscribers to engage in Multi-Player Games via video calls through 3G enabled handsets. The subscribers can challenge others by inbound video calls or by single player games with the system.

18. M-Search

M-Search is a music content search and delivery solution which works across Voice, SMS and WAP channels. It has the capabilities to tap vernacular differences and provide users with personalized results.

19. Colombo Ride 2.0

Colombo Ride 2.0 a Sinhala multiplayer mobile game, launched in 2008

revolves around a taxi driver who must find passengers to make a living. It is an innovative way of educating people about the roads and locations in Colombo.

20. Mobile Antakshari

Mobile Antakshari is the first ever multilingual mobile game based on the classic Indian music game of antakshari. This innovative speech recognition based game enables users to play antakshari against their mobiles.


21. SMS 139 Railway Enquiry

The SMS 139 service, an initiation by the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Limited and is aimed at increasing customer satisfaction by giving the commuter easy access to information regarding PNR status, train arrival/departure, its running location, accommodation availability and fare enquiry.

22. AWATAR Mobile Booking

The AWATAR Mobile Booking is an advance ticket booking application for Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) passengers through mobile phone. It enables customers to cancel tickets, if and when necessary.

23. Suruk

Suruk an application for GPS-enabled mobile phones allows auto rickshaw passengers to keep track of distance covered, rate charged and detect if an auto driver is overcharging or taking a wrong route. Suruk is an attempt to provide a practical solution to these difficulties faced by common people

24. MobileWish Pocket Travel Assistant

MobileWish Pocket Travel Assistant is a freely available application for Flash Lite 3x enabled mobiles that combines data from Google Maps, Yahoo, Wikipedia, BBC, Reuters, Twitter, You Tube and others to provide users with all the information needed for their journey.


25. EKO

EKO SimpliBank connects banking and telecom infrastructure seamlessly. The project has partnered with two of India’s largest organizations- AirTel and State Bank of India (SBI), and has crossed the mark of 50,000 customers. Delivering banking services through mobile brings down the cost substantially for the population to afford it and makes it a viable business opportunity

26. WorldGSM

WorldGSM is the first viable GSM system that is independent of the power grid. It runs exclusively on solar power and requires no diesel generator backup. This solution aims to make wireless telecom viable for the next billion customers in the most remote rural areas of our planet.

27. Mobiquity mMoney

The mobiquity platform embraces the mobile phone as a convenient, cash-free, and card-free payment and transaction medium, delivering a range of financial and payment applications.

28. Business Express

Business Express in Bangladesh is a new process which includes the automatic reporting of sales force, including customer orders and credit collection. The system has been made into a platform for all stakeholders related to Sales Information to provide and update relevant information.

29. Voice-ERP

Voice-ERP is an interactive Voice based application targeted for manufacturing, retail and contract farming organizations and has created a unique proposition by using mobile phones as the channel and local language voice based communication to-and-fro the ERP systems.


30. JPNATC- JPN Apex Trauma Centre

AIIMS initiated this project to streamline the process of hospital visits and minimize wait times for patients by using m-governance. A secondary objective was to improve transparency and accountability in the OPD’s. Patients can now take appointments from the comfort of their homes

31. Jaroka Tele-Healthcare

Jaroka tele-healthcare is an effort to provide healthcare to the underprivileged in the far flung areas of Pakistan. Using this SMS based service a community health worker can register a patient, report his/her symptoms, acquire diagnosis and even get trained.

32. Students Health Information Tracking System (SWHITS)

Students Health Information Tracking System aims at providing better monitoring mechanism of the health of the school children, in increasing transparency and reviewing of the hygiene environment maintained at these residential institutes.

33. Aarogyam

Aarogyam, a project begun in the state of Uttar Pradesh, is India’s first end to end community based digital health mapping. Through this the citizens anywhere in India on any existing telecom network can access information with respect to their health profile.


34. M-Governance for Forest & Wildlife Management

The main objective of this ICT application conceptualized by the Madhya Pradesh Forest Department is to develop a system which aids in the organized monitoring of forests and wildlife, along with providing a repository for the collection, aggregation and storage of MIS and geo – spatial data .