From writing to archive in a snap

From writing to archive in a snap

New Delhi: Some of the most brilliant outcomes of meetings and discussions are scribbled on the backs of envelopes, paper towels and whiteboards. Which is why keeping a track of these casual records can be such a problem. You can’t copy, record or email them out without first retyping everything by hand. Qipit ( , a simple online service, can make this process entirely painless. All you need is a mobile phone with a decent camera and MMS or email facilities. No software installations required at all.

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Once you register on the Qipit website the service prepares to receive photographs from your phone from a pre-designated email address. The next time you get up from a table after scrawling a killer business plan on the back of a serviette, just whip out your phone. Take a good resolution photo of the scribblings and then email it to one of two designated Qipit email addresses. (One for colour and the other for black and white documents.) Qipit will pick up your photo, clean it up so that the handwriting is legible clearly, and then convert it into a PDF file. The PDF is then emailed back to you.

All in moments. A simple, easy way to record and archive your casual notes. For a demo of the service check this week’s PlayStream video.