Google to tap into online computer games market

Google to tap into online computer games market

San Francisco: Google said on Wednesday that it is expanding its advertising kingdom to include the booming online computer game market.

AdSense for Games software that lets website operators weave video, text, or picture advertisements into online games is being tested in the United States.

Industry statistics indicate that more than a quarter of Internet users, approximately 200 million people, play games online and that their ranks are growing at a rate of 17% annually.

“AdSense for Games gives game developers a new way to monetize their games and advertisers additional tools to reach their audiences," Google said in a message announcing the software’s debut.

“With this program, advertisers can now reach the growing number of gamers who are engaged in online play."

Ad revenue is split between Google and game developers or publishers.

Google said it is working with games from Konami, Playfish, Zynga and Mochi Media and lists advertisers including Esurance, Sprint, and Sony Pictures.