DVD rentals

DVD rentals


Upside: You get a lot of choice in Bollywood, Hollywood and world cinema and regional language films.

Downside: Getting popular movies can take a lot of time.

Cost: Membership ranges from 750 for three months and up to 15 movies to 3,999 for a year’s subscription that gives you unlimited movies.

Where: www.seventymm.com


Upside: Blue-ray movies, DVDs and PS3 games are all available for delivery.

Downside: The service seems to be most effective for Delhi/NCR.

Cost: Starts from 179 for two DVDs over three days, and a refundable security deposit of 1,000. The Blu-ray package starts at a minimum 249 for one rental. You can rent an unlimited number of DVDs at 449 per month, with a security deposit of 500.

Where: Moviemart.in

Clixflix DVD Club

Upside: It has a really good Hollywood and world movies collection and it lets you rent one movie at a time without a monthly or yearly subscription. It uses an in-house courier service for most places.

Downside: Charges late fees. The maximum you are allowed to keep a DVD is overnight.

Cost:Rs 100 for a single DVD, with a refundable security deposit fee of 1,000. 1,999 gets you 25 DVDs over a year and 6,999 gets you 100 DVDs over two years, without a time limit on how long you can keep each.

Where: Clixnflix.com