4 pieces (100g) chicken breast with skin

4tbsp olive oil

20g butter

2tsp garlic, chopped

1 large onion, chopped

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5g rosemary (herb)

5g parsley, chopped

3 turned potatoes (carved into barrel-like shape with thinner edges), boiled

Exotic vegetables for grilling (asparagus, broccoli, snow peas, cherry tomatoes, green zucchini, squash and French beans)

Salt and pepper to taste

For the stuffing

40g feta cheese

20g sun-dried tomatoes

10g raisin

For the mushroom sauce

15g mushrooms, sliced

1tbsp red wine

3tbsp demi-glace (thick chicken stock/canned)

5tbsp cream


Stuffed chicken in mushroom sauce

For the mushroom sauce

Heat butter in a pan, add onion, garlic and sauté till they are golden. Add the sliced mushrooms and cook until golden brown. Add red wine, demi-glace and cream. Add salt, pepper and parsley to season.

Place a chicken breast on a plate. Spoon some mushroom sauce over it and serve with grilled vegetables and turned potatoes.