Denzel Washington is at his loping and charming best, Mark Wahlberg grins away like he is on one of the drugs he is trafficking. Paula Patton slinks about jaguar-like, X-Men member James Marsden gets to be nasty, and Bill Paxton puts on his best Tommy Lee Jones imitation.

In short, 2 Guns is thoroughly enjoyable and thoroughly forgettable, a lo-fi buddy cop action comedy executed by high-wattage stars and a supporting cast on its professional best behaviour. Bobby (Washington) and Michael (Wahlberg) are undercover policemen working for the same drug lord (Edward James Olmos), who get involved in a multi-million dollar heist that puts rogue officers from the naval intelligence and the Central Intelligence Agency on their trail.

There’s little time to furrow your brow or peer through the holes in Blake Masters’ screenplay, adapted from Steven Grant’s graphic novel of the same name. 2 Guns is low on plot and lower still on credulity, but director Baltasar Kormákur is merely filing an entry in the crime movie genre rather than reinventing it. The light-footed and fast-moving 1-hour and 49-minutes film refuses to linger on any moment or person for far too long; the dialogue is sharp, snappy, and often very funny; the action plentiful but evenly spread out; the characters have just about enough depth to make you mildly wonder whether they will live or die. It’s an ideal weekend time passer, helped to no end by the crackling chemistry between the male leads.