Yoga is certainly one of the trendiest workouts this year—be it the traditional Iyengar and Ashtanga Yoga, or the more modern Power Yoga and Acro Yoga. But there are some yoga forms which are, well, different. Try giving these a shot.

Budokon Yoga: This form mixes traditional yoga postures and meditation with martial arts transitions. It is more athletic than others since it focuses on strength and agility while building awareness and connection between the mind and body.

Beer Yoga: Ask any yoga instructor and chances are they will tell you yoga is a way of life, which includes meditation, asanas, good clean food, etc. But one of the most popular forms of yoga in Germany is one where participants drink beer to feel more relaxed during tricky postures.

Animal Yoga: The weirdest of the lot. You can now make your pet your yoga buddy. In cat yoga, you let the cat roam around the studio; in goat yoga, the animal may just climb on you, as it is practised on an open farm.

Waterman Yoga: Started in South Africa, this form blends surfing with yoga. It is designed to strengthen and stretch the body and the mind in a way that is geared towards performance improvement in water sports. So, expect a lot of yoga poses balanced on surfboards, etc.