Coming from Delhi, I never felt at home in Mumbai; all the flats felt like pigeonholes," says the 33-year-old television actor Shweta Kawaatra, best remembered as the evil Pallavi from Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii.

Kawaatra and Gohil’s living room is dotted with potted plants in animal-shaped pots. Vikram Bawa

Popping in and out of stores helped Kawaatra zero in on the details—she knew she wanted to use wood, but was worried about it swelling in the rains—and that’s when she stumbled upon sleeper wood, which is preseasoned. The slats have been put to great utilitarian and aesthetic use as under-the-window benches in three rooms (with storage underneath).

Tiles are something Kawaatra always liked, and decided to incorporate in unique ways in her decor. Many of her tables have grooves where she has inserted bright tiles, all Keramos. “Tiles break the boredom of too much wood. I have used them in cupboard handles, as table bases, and even to add colour to a small nook in the wall, which serves as office space."

a faux antique station clock that Kawaatra picked up in Delhi hangs in the corridor. Vikram Bawa

“Our tastes are completely different, and he wanted one room to be done up in his style, so I gave in, but then he would forget about it and I would go ahead and do my own thing," says Kawaatra.

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