Khruangbin—Thai for “aeroplane"—may sound like an odd name for a power trio from Houston, Texas. But it makes perfect sense once you’ve heard their music, which effortlessly stitches together elements from dub, surf rock, psychedelia, Thai funk and Middle Eastern soul. Consisting of Laura Lee on bass, Mark Speer on guitar, and Donald “DJ" Johnson on drums, Khruangbin makes music that could only have come about in today’s globalized, algorithm-driven soundscape, connecting the dots between sounds from all over the world. It’s the sonic equivalent of the perfect summer cocktail, a refreshing yet potent blend of the familiar with the exotic. Having already played at last year’s Magnetic Fields festival in Rajasthan, Khruangbin are back in India for a two-city tour in the coming week. Expect laid-back, spaced-out funk jams that transport you to the beach, or to a desert campfire.

When & Where

Khruangbin will play at Flyp@MTV, Mumbai, on 23 May and Auro Kitchen & Bar, Delhi, on 24 May. Tickets, available at, are priced at Rs995.

Lounge low-down

If the gig is going well, the trio are likely to bust out one of the highlights of their live set—a signature medley which sees them paying homage to hip hop and funk classics like Nuthin’ But A ‘G’ Thang and Summer Madness.